Adjustable Decking Supports


Thanks to the simple design of our adjustable supports, creating a level decking surface on uneven ground couldn’t be easier. Installation is quicker and cleaner than traditional methods. It requires no time-consuming preparation and no special tools or skills. This fast, efficient method also creates a ready-made space for drainage, cables and pipes to run beneath the deck.


Each of our lightweight pedestals are easily adjustable, even when holding the bearer. The optional self-levelling head will compensate for gradients of up to 7%,meaning undulation are less of an obtstacle when installing the deck substrcuture.



Castlewood adjustable supports can be installed on almost any surface. Unlike existing methods, our supports gives you the flexibility to extend or reduce your decked area easily and without damage. They easily compensate for uneven surfaces and slopes, and can eliminate the need for extensive ground preparation. Our supports can withstand loads of up to 1000kg each


Unlike traditional timber decking framework, Castlewood adjustable supports will never rot. It also extends the lifespan of decking boards by keeping them up off the ground, away from moisture. As the pedestals have no abrasive edges and are evenly spaced to spread the load across the surface below, membranes are protected, extending their lifespan too.

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