ASLON Aluminium Joist System

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Aslon Aluminium Decking Substructure
The Aslon substructure system is designed specifically for universal, straight forward and fast assembly of wood composite, synthetic, bamboo and hardwood decking that has been provided with a groove of at least 3.5mm in height and 8mm in depth.

Save on installation time with the groove
With the Alson substructure system you will save at least 50% on installation time.

The system can be used for wood composite, synthetic, bamboo and hardwood decking. The aluminium beams are always straight unlike the hardwood alternative.

What materials do you need?

Simply contact us with your measurements, fall heights and decking board information. We will then provide a free design showing where each part goes with a list of quantities.

If you have a drawing of the area we can also add the system onto the drawing

Please email your information to

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